Freelance Creative Writing Services by Adam Gottfried

What I Do…

To put it plainly, I write. I have been writing creatively for many years, and I read voraciously, all different genres and subjects. I write flash fiction, short stories, novellas, novels, game copy, nonfiction with a sense of style and aplomb that are all unique but still approachable.

How I Do It…

As in any results-based medium, the key is to discipline yourself and take the time to do it. My “process” such as it is involves laying on the floor in my living room, often times with children playing around and/or on top of me, playing music that reflects the mood of the piece I am working on (mostly John Williams or Hans Zimmer, but only Wilhelm Wagner for World War II themed pieces).

Why You Should Hire Me

One of the things I pride myself on is the ability to mimic a particular writing, writer, theme, or style. Beyond this, I do have my own unique style and voice that I have honed through practice, education, and expedience.

By far the most important reason, however, is that I produce quality manuscripts that often require little in the way of editing, and always on time. In a results-driven business like freelancing, consistency is key. This has always been my strong point, and I stand by that credo.