Writing Sample #1

Currently Untitled Work

“No book worth reading begins in a library,” Serena muttered under her breath, glaring at the tome before her. She removed her spectacles, placing them carefully on the desk and rubbed her eyes, not really believing her own words, but frustrated to the point where she almost could convince herself that it was true. The dimly lit stacks of the Great Library were specifically designed to give a feeling of cloistered anonymity, so that despite the wide and spacious rows of books, every nook, every cranny felt like a secluded place of contemplation and learning. But between the soft lighting and the tiny writing of the volume before her, not to mention the already countless hours of reading she had already devoted to this particular research project, Serena’s head was beginning to ache.

She sighed and leaned forward to begin her study of the tome anew, but an errant lock of her copper hair, having worked its way free of the leather band which she had used to keep her long tresses out of her face fell quite defiantly into her field of view. Growling in further frustration, she straightened quickly reaching for her hair band, momentarily forgetting that the stool she sat upon had no back support. With her arms already in the air and her balance significantly off center, she tumbled to the floor, kicking the small wooden table the large book rested upon as she fell. The tome, already too large for the surface it was on, slid off the desk directly onto her stomach, its weight sufficient to send the air rushing from her lungs.